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Gabrielle Cimon d.d. will realize your prostheses in a meticulous and personalized way guaranteed. Your complexion, your features, the shape of your face, the color of your eyes and hair and of course your expectations are factors of great importance taken into consideration in which it works to make prostheses that will suit you perfectly.

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You need to have your teeth removed, or you just want to renew your dental prostheses? Gabrielle Cimon d.d. will know how to guide you towards the ideal treatment plan for you.

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As we age, our teeth tend to change color and turn yellow. Wine, tobacco, coffee, and even some medicines can change the colors. Fortunately, a simple and effective procedure performed by our professional can counter this unusual aesthetic change.

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Do you practice sports? Protecting your teeth is paramount! Studies show that every year millions of teeth are lost during sporting activities in North America.

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Replenishment consists of filling the space created between your dental prosthesis and your gums using acrylic. It is precision work that aims to adjust the denture as best as possible to the new shape of the gums and bones of the jaw. By re-adjusting, the position of your teeth, so the look of your smile does not change, at the same time, your comfort improve.

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Regardless of the type of work to be done, by visiting Gabrielle Cimon d.d., you stay assured of impeccable work and prompt service!

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