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Dental Prothesis

For quality prothesis that will give you

a smile to your image!

Our types of prostheses

    Dental implants are small titanium rods that are biocompatible with the body on which the prosthesis will sit and hold by retention. Implants can be applied as much to immobilize the lower prosthesis as the upper prosthesis. It is important to know that the prosthesis can be removable or fixed.

    in addition to achieving a success rate of over 99%, the procedure is considered a minor surgery that is mostly done in less than 50 minutes.

    This type of prosthesis is for a patient:

    • Wanting to regain a permanent comfort and no longer have to restrict themselves on the food they love.
    • Regain a self-confidence by not being afraid to burst out laughing and think that the prosthesis will fall.
    • Take back his health. Proper chewing contributes to better absorption of nutrients, and this is proven; good nutrition increases life expectancy.
    • Who wants to counter the premature aging of his face by reducing bone resorption.

    Gabrielle Cimon d.d. will realize your prostheses in the most meticulous and personalized way guaranteed. Your complexion, your features, the shape of your face, the color of your eyes and hair and of course your expectations are factors of great importance taken into consideration with which it works to make prostheses that will suit you perfectly.

    This prosthesis is essential for all those who have a few teeth less.

    It is usually made with a thin base of chromium-cobalt or titanium which makes the prosthesis resistant in addition to allowing conduction of heat. Garters are also made of the same material cast to the shape of the tooth, but we can also replace them with transparent hooks giving a more aesthetic appearance to the visible hooks. The tint and shape of the teeth are chosen according to the presence of your natural teeth.

    It is important to replace the missing teeth to avoid these problems :

    • Mobility of remaining teeth
    • Poor digestion
    • Premature teeth wear
    • Instability of the upper prosthesis

    Here it will prevent muscle aches in the neck, neck or shoulders, functional disturbances in the joint and jaw, earaches and headaches.


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